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Think braces are just for kids and teenagers? Think again! 1.4 million American and Canadian adults got braces in 2014 alone.

While braces are still most common in those aged 9-14, a growing number of adults are seeking orthodontic care to straighten their teeth. And braces do so much more than give you a good smile.

Although commonly thought of as a cosmetic procedure, there are many health benefits of braces that you can enjoy once they’re removed.

Do you want to know what they are? Then keep reading to discover the top 8 benefits of getting adult braces.

1. You’ll Be More Confident

It’s no secret that a nice smile will help you feel more confident. In fact, you may even be considering getting adult braces just because your current smile makes you feel self-conscious.

But once those braces are off, you’ll enjoy a smile you can truly be proud of. And it can actually improve your mental health too!

When you like your teeth, you’ll be more likely to smile often. The simple act of smiling can make you happier and reduce stress. Not only that, but it makes the people around you feel better too.

2. They Reduce Bad Breath

If you suffer from misaligned teeth and bad bread, you may be embarrassed to even talk too close to someone else. But did you know these two things are connected?

When your teeth are crowded or crooked, adequately cleaning them becomes difficult. There are more areas where that toothbrush just doesn’t fit.

However, bacteria finds its way into every nook and cranny. So, that bacteria ends up building up between teeth and causing bad breath.

Once you get your braces off, you’ll notice they’re much easier to brush. By just practicing good oral hygiene, your bad breath may disappear completely.

3. Your Oral Health Risks Decrease

Unfortunately, bad breath isn’t the only problem caused by misaligned teeth. There are also a number of health risks that you may be more prone to.

If you can’t properly clean your teeth, that bacteria can build up over time and cause more serious problems, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities. You may need to see a dentist for professional cleanings more often to prevent this, but getting braces is the best way to ensure your mouth and teeth stay healthy.

4. Prevents Tooth Injury

Do you enjoy playing sports or going hiking? Did you know that one accident can be enough to break or crack a tooth?

Of course, there are many different ways in which this could happen. Car accidents, tripping, and anything else that may cause too much pressure on your teeth can damage them.

So, where do braces come into play? Well, protruding teeth are far more vulnerable to sustaining injuries during an accident. When your teeth are straightened with braces, any protruding teeth will be re-aligned and, as a result, they’ll be better protected.

5. Chewing Will Be Easier

Food plays an important role in our lives. Not only is it vital for survival, but many families stay connected through cooking together and enjoying cultural food.

But if you have a misaligned bite, eating may be uncomfortable or even painful. This may cause you to stick with softer foods and avoid delicious food that’s harder to eat.

The good news is that braces do more than straighten teeth. They can also correct your bite to make chewing easier and pain-free. You can finally feel free to enjoy all those foods you’ve been avoiding for years!

6. Improves Digestion

When your bite and teeth are misaligned, it can be difficult to chew food into super tiny pieces. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it is to your stomach.

Larger bits of food are harder to digest than the super small pieces you can achieve when you get braces. So, with straight teeth and an improved bite, your stomach will be able to work more efficiently and your digestion will improve.

7. Pronunciation Difficulties May Diminish

Crooked teeth may not be the only thing causing you to feel self-conscious. If you have difficulty pronouncing certain words, you may also feel embarrassed about your speech.

Perhaps the most unexpected benefit of braces or Invisalign is that your speech can improve! Since teeth have an impact on the way you sound out words, getting braces can make things easier to pronounce and significantly improve your speech.

8. You’ll Save Time and Money

It’s no secret that braces are expensive and time-consuming. Depending on how much work your teeth need, you may end up having them for years and rack up thousands of dollars in orthodontic bills.

However, these expenses and appointments will be planned out ahead of time, so you can better accommodate them.

If you don’t get braces, you may spend countless hours and dentist trips figuring out how to solve your bad breath. You may also need to undergo several dental procedures to fix things like cavities and tooth decay as they occur. Of course, these things can sneak up on you, making them inconvenient and harder to save for.

In the end, getting braces as a preventative measure may be cheaper and save you a lot of hassle and pain rather than dealing with the consequences of misaligned teeth.

The Top Benefits of Braces

Don’t settle for misaligned teeth any longer! By visiting an orthodontist as an adult, you can finally enjoy all the amazing benefits of braces outlined above. From improving your self-confidence and pronunciation to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, getting braces is so much more than a cosmetic procedure.

Are you ready to take the next step? Make an appointment today with one of the top orthodontists in Charlotte, North Carolina.