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At any time of the year it’s important to maintain good habits and routines. This is especially true of your dental health and the investment you make in it.

If you’ve invested in orthodontic treatment your routine is already a bit different. It’s essential to stay aware of those changes and maintain consistency.

Simple awareness – less worry

Orthodontic treatment has some impact on your lifestyle. The greater your awareness about your eating habits, dental hygiene and caring for your braces or oral appliance, the less anxiety you will experience.

How to Get the Most from Your Orthodontic Treatment Investment

1-Prevent cavities

Remember that your braces and aligners can catch the food you eat. Keep your orthodontic appliances clean to prevent tooth decay, cavities and other dental issues from developing.

2-Brush your teeth routinely

Work or school hours during the week can create challenges for your dental health routines. During your orthodontic treatment it’s essential to maintain good oral health habits.

Have a toothbrush and toothpaste available at work or (if applicable) in your student’s backpack at school. Maintaining the habit of brushing after a meal will keep your/your student’s teeth and ortho appliances clean.

3-Enjoy foods and snacks that are “ortho-friendly”

Some foods are risky for your braces. Chewy, sticky foods or snacks can damage or impact the effectiveness of your orthodontic appliance.

If you use aligners (eg. Invisalign®) remember to remove them before meals or snacks. And be sure to wear them again after brushing your teeth following your meal or snack.

4-Stay hydrated

Drinking water is beneficial to your overall health and your teeth. Water also provides a handy and effective rinse to remove food particles from your braces following a meal.

5-Be prepared for an emergency

Emergencies happen. You could lose your aligner or have your braces break.

Contact our Charlotte orthodontics office as soon as possible. A quick appointment can adjust your braces or, if necessary, provide you a replacement aligner.

Good dental habits transfer to caring for your orthodontic braces or aligners. Attention to detail can help assure that your treatment effectively straightens your teeth and improves your health.

Contact your Charlotte orthodontist about braces treatment, Invisalign®, or other questions about orthodontic dentistry.