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I know you’re probably thinking, “Hmm, I am way too old for braces!” Or you might ask, “Why now?” Well, let’s look at some benefits of getting braces as an adult.

Your Health

Do you suffer from headaches, earaches or any gastrointestinal problems? These symptoms can be caused from not chewing properly due to malocclusion. Malocclusion is dental terminology for “incorrect bite”. When you have misaligned teeth, you have an increased chance of plaque and food buildup between your teeth. This means you have the potential to get periodontal disease or gum disease. You can also possibly avoid tooth decay, bone loss and TMJ/TMD pain.


Good news! Here at Case Orthodontics, we offer all in house financing so there are never any interest charges! We also offer flexible payment plans and accept almost all insurances. Most dental insurance plans cover part of the cost of treatment.

They’re Clear

Maybe you work in a field that requires you to talk often or constantly meet new people so you don’t feel comfortable wearing braces. Well, fortunately, braces have come a long way; in fact they are nearly invisible. Another great development for teeth that is popular with adults is Invisalign. These clear, removable, plastic aligners are worn over the teeth and do not require any metal or wires. You are custom fitted for clear trays that will leave you with no food restrictions, and you’ll be able to brush and floss like you normally would.