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Faster results! Who doesn’t want that?

You finally made a practical, emotional and financial commitment to orthodontic treatment. You weighed your options and selected the treatment that you agreed was best for you and your lifestyle.


You’re waiting to see results. It’s easy to understand how the “new” can quickly evaporate and your left wondering if you made the right choice.

Every glance in the mirror has you checking to see if you can notice the difference.

Not so fastor maybe so!

AcceleDent is a supportive treatment for your orthodontic procedure that can actually speed up your tooth movement. That translates to less time in braces or aligners and in many instances a more comfortable treatment overall.

AcceleDent uses a patented SoftPulse Technology®️. The soft vibrations or micro-pulses actually work in tandem with your chosen orthodontic treatment to move your teeth into proper position faster.

Your 20-minute solution

AcceleDent is a mouthpiece that’s form-fitted for use around you orthodontics. Activate the mouthpiece for 20 minutes per day at a convenient time in your schedule.

The pulsing effect will gently and comfortably improve your orthodontic treatment. It’s 20 minutes a day that can save you weeks and perhaps months of time in braces or aligners.

There’s no need to add time. The 20 minute time frame is proven to be adequate of it’s impact on the duration of your orthodontic treatment

Easy to use

Your AcceleDent mouthpiece is uniquely fitted to you and your orthodontics. This provides the convenience of using the device hands-free.

The mouthpiece technology is also designed remember the amount of time you’ve used it during a particular setting. For example, if you’re interrupted for a period of five minutes or less, the device will remember and resume your 20 minute daily session.

AcceleDent is battery powered. It will require charging every three days.

It’s also easy to clean. And you can pack it in a provided Travel Case for use when you’re away from home.

Contact your Charlotte orthodontist about saving time during your orthodontic treatment. Ask about AcceleDent to improve the pace and effectiveness of your orthodontics.